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KW Culture: KW CARES & KW Social
Committee Directors
Maria G. Ortiz & Andrew Briones

Social Committee "Building Bonds, Creating Joy"
The Keller Williams Social Committee is committed to cultivating a vibrant and connected community within our organization. Our mission is to organize and facilitate engaging social events that foster camaraderie, teamwork, and a sense of belonging among our team members. Through creativity and collaboration, we strive to create moments of joy and shared experiences, enhancing the overall well-being and unity within the Keller Williams family."

Committee Director
JD Mora & Nikko Estrada

Empowering agents through continuous learning and skill development is our mission at the KW Education Committee. We provide comprehensive training programs that cover industry best practices and optimize the use of our brokerage's tools. By fostering a community of informed professionals, we elevate service standards and drive collective success, positioning our brokerage as a leader in the real estate industry.
As our KWAV Education informants, JD & Nikko provide personal growth and knowledge within our organization.

Committee Director
Jason Portillo & Filemon Rodriguez

The KW Financial Committee ensures agents understand their finances. We promote fiscal mindfulness, empowering informed decisions and effective resource management. Our goal is to enhance the financial well-being of every team member, reinforcing our brokerage's leadership in real estate.
As an informant to the ALC on the financial performance of the market center, this committee also acts as a major tool for agents to learn how to grow, and build budgeting habits for a sustainable financial future.

Committee Director
Ramses Pacheco

We aim to boost technology at Keller Williams. Our mission is to use innovative solutions to improve efficiency and connectivity for agents and clients. Through education and collaboration, we help individuals make the most of technology in real estate. By creating a tech-savvy culture, we position Keller Williams as a leader, ensuring our agents excel in a dynamic, digital environment.